Discipleship University is a youth conference hosted by the Dripping Springs Church of Christ in Dripping Springs, Tx every summer. This year's dates are August 5-7 and our theme is “Encountering Christ: Experience the Majesty Jesus.” Our desire is that our young people walk away fully comprehending the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. DU is meant to equip, engage, and encourage young people from middle school to high school on every level. We pray that you will join us. Please keep an eye on our website  for more details in the coming months.


Discipleship University is more than an annual event. DU is about cultivating a mentality of lifetime discipleship that guides our young people their entire lives. Our annual youth conference is simply a springboard for further spiritual formation throughout the rest of the year. We hope that both the young people and our adult attendees take something from DU back to their home congregation where they will implement it for the glory of God.

But, we recognize the struggle of staying focused on the goals set at DU for the entire year. School, work, and life itself create distractions that keep us from reaching maturity in Jesus. This is why we created www.discipleshiputexas.com. We hope that this website will be a constant encouragment throughout the year leading up to the next DU conference. We will be posting blog articles, podcast, as well as other spiritual tools to help encourage elements of DU. We pray that the Lord will bless this avenue for His glory and that our young people will grow and flourish in the knowledge and grace of our Lord.

2016 THEME

Our theme for DU this year is "Encountering Christ: Experience the Majesty of Jesus." Our desire is for our young people to walk away fully comprehending the majesty of the founder of our faith, Jesus Christ. In our increasingly secularized culture a greater knowledge of  the identity, work, and teaching of our Lord and Savior is paramount. The faith of the church, especially our young people, must be grounded in the knowledge of the Son of God. This knowledge isn't simply factual but relational; through discovering more about him they come to know him fully. Keeping that focus in mind, we have crafted an assortment of lessons that are meant to compliment each other. These lessons range from the apologetic to the practical; from the deeper truths of scripture to the devotional. All of the lessons will center around the keynotes presented by Wayne Jones which are: 1. Encountering Immanuel 2. Encountering I AM 3. Encountering Calvary 4. Encountering Christ.

By the end of the weekend our desire is for our young people to truly experience the majesty of Jesus.